Immerson 4

© F. Jobin, 2012

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© F. Jobin, 2012

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Immerson 4


January 24 and 25, 2013 at 6 pm

Tickets on sale at OBORO ($10)
as of January 15, 2013.
From Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 5 pm.
You can also call 514 844-3250 (credit card only).
No ticket reservation.

Immerson 4 continues its exploration of new perceptions and experiences of the listening process with the invited artists, who will unveil a diversity of approaches, all while respecting the notion of immersion within an aesthetic of minimalism.

Immerson is a concert event and philosophy initiated by France Jobin that proposes creating an environment dedicated to an enhanced listening experience through focusing on the physical comfort of the audience by means of a specifically designed space.

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Nancy Tobin

Nancy Tobin is an audio artist based in the St-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal. Her sound designs for dance and theatre productions have been part of the Festival TransAmériques, the World Stage Festival, the Festival d’Avignon and the Edinburgh International Festival. Tobin has, in her twenty years of experience, developed a specialization in vocal amplification for theater and is known for her distinct style, using unusual loudspeakers to transform the aural qualities of her compositions.

Tomas Phillips

Tomas Phillips (b. 1969) is a composer, novelist, and teacher whose sound work focuses on improvisational performance and minimalist through-composition. He began composing electronic music in the early 1990s that has seen release on such labels as Trente Oiseaux and Line. Additionally, he has created music for installations and collaborations in dance and theatre. Tomas has taught in the disciplines of literature and fine arts at various universities in the US, Québec, and Finland. Having completed an interdisciplinary Ph.D.

Constantine Katsiris

Scant Intone is the solo project of Canadian artist Constantine Katsiris dedicated to experimentation with audio as a medium. The output varies from stark minimalist tones to densely complex textures with a sound palette that incorporates elements of field recordings, shortwave radio, raw data, and digital sound synthesis.

France Jobin

France Jobin is an audio / installation artist, composer and curator. Her audio art, qualified as “sound sculpture”, distinguishes itself in a minimalist approach of complex sound environments at the intersection of analog and digital. She participates in festivals, as well as presents installations and events internationally. Jobin has produced numerous solo albums with renowned labels such as ROOM40 (AU), LINE (US), popmuzik records and ATAK (JP).  France Jobin was a Sonic Arts Awards 2014 finalist in the category Sonic Research.