Inclusive Content Creation

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Inclusive Content Creation

Webinar on June 9, 2020 from noon to 1 p.m.
In English with ASL interpretation 

*A transcription of the conference is available in accessible PDF format.

Conference description

Although media is accessed by everyone, media is not necessarily accessible to everyone. 

This conference by AMI media accessibility specialist Simone Cupid will walk us through described video, as well as the art of integrated described video. Her conference will provide an overview of the best practices and guidelines for creating accessible media content for blind and low vision users. We will learn how to ensure our production is accessible from inception through to the finished product and leave with a fuller understanding and appreciation of why media accessibility should never be an afterthought. 

This presentation is part of Interrogating Access, a series of talks and workshops on accessibility in art and media production.


Webinar schedule

Noon - Introduction and exclusive broadcast of a pre-recorded conference by Simone Cupid, with integrated ASL interpretation and English subtitles
12:30 p.m. - Live question and answer session with Simone Cupid, with ASL interpretation
The Q&A will be moderated by Tamar Tembeck (OBORO) and Dan Ten Veen (Spectrum Productions). The public is invited to interact with the speaker, but anyone simply wishing to attend is welcome.



Register for free here. Instructions to connect to the Zoom service in order to attend the webinar will be sent to you automatically after your registration. If you do not receive this email or have trouble logging in at the time of the conference, please contact us at

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Simone Cupid

Simone Cupid is a Media Accessibility Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the broadcast special services arena. At AMI, she is responsible for ensuring that content distributed across AMI-tv, AMI-audio, and AMI-digital is accessible to blind and partially sighted audiences. In addition, she oversees AMI-commissioned original productions, produces Integrated Described Video, Live Description and Audio Tours.