Journées de la culture 2013

© Centre Turbine, 2012

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© Centre Turbine, 2012

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Journées de la culture 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013 1-4:30 pm

1 pm: 3D Printer Explorations by Manon Labrecque
2:30 pm: Mahalleluia: Soundwalk with Chœur Maha
3:30 pm: Commented visit of Well Framed with the artist Jonathan Villeneuve



1 pm – 3D Printer Explorations by Manon Labrecque (in French), Studio 01
Manon Labrecque has been invited by the Turbine centre to explore the technical and artistic possibilities of the MakerBot Replicator 3D printer, in order to consider the experimental uses of this new technology. During her residence, the artist proposes to explore the 3D printer’s potential as related to the design and fabrication of all kinds of mechanisms. In considering the technology’s possibilities as well as its constraints, she wishes to test new avenues with regards to her work on the body, movement, and the universe of the unconscious. The work will be carried out in collaboration with the Communautique organization, which will provide technical support, and will culminate in a public presentation at OBORO, highlighting the creative process and outcome of the artist’s research.

2:30 pm – Mahalleluia: Soundwalk with Chœur Maha, at OBORO and outdoors
Chœur Maha takes the sacred song out of the concert hall and the art installation out of the gallery. Come join us for a "singing soundwalk" in and around the building of OBORO and along Duluth street. The sweet sound of choral singing will be explored in as many different volumes and contexts as possible.

3:30 pm – Commented visit of Well Framed with the artist Jonathan Villeneuve (in French), Exhibition galleries
Discover alongside Jonathan Villeneuve his installation Well Framed that assembles various articulated structures, which, through a process of accumulation, create a sound landscape that physically involves the spectator, immersing them in a poetic experience. The artist wishes to demarcate a space, infer a trajectory, while the spectator, attracted by the movement and various sounds produced by the automatic manipulation of the objects, is encouraged to move about in the space in order to discover the multiple viewpoints possible.

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Manon Labrecque

Manon Labrecque lives and works in Montreal. Trained in contemporary dance and visual arts, and a multidisciplinary artist since 1991, she creates videos (single-channel and installations), performances, still images, sound and kinetic installations. Her work had been shown in many individual and group exhibitions in Quebec, Canada, Europe, and North America. In 2009, she was awarded the Prix Graff for her artistic work.


Turbine is an art creation centre involved in training, research, and the dissemination of current practices in art and pedagogy. The multidisciplinary approach is implemented by developing joint projects with various education, artistic, and community organizations. The centre offers spaces where artists and art teachers can collaborate through training workshops, pedagogical creation projects, colloquiums, artist residency programs, and publications.

Chœur Maha

Choeur Maha was founded in 1991 by composer/performer Kathy Kennedy and visual artist Su Schnee. The choir has delighted audiences for two decades with their creative repertoire, singing in as many languages and styles as possible, from Hildegard von Bingen to Hildegard Westerkamp, from Mozart to Madonna - and often incorporating a healthy dose of electroacoustic music for good measure.

Jonathan Villeneuve

Artist-inventor Jonathan Villeneuve builds poetical machines by assembling common materials and altering their original function. His works move, emit light, and produce sounds, allowing the visitor to guess their imaginary function. He received a degree from the School of Visual and Media Arts at UQAM in 2005, and completed his MFA Open-Media at Concordia University in 2009. His solo work has been shown in Canada and Quebec, notably at Galerie B-213 (Montreal, QC), the Université de Sherbrooke Galerie d'Art, Grunt Gallery (Vancouver, BC), Eastern Edge Gallery (St.