La Minuscule

© M. Pinault, 2015

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© M. Pinault, 2015

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La Minuscule

Children’s show, 3 to 6 years

February 25 – March 5, 2016

Saturday, March 5 at 10:30 am, 1:30 pm and 3 pm

Adults $22 | Discount $20 | Children $16
Box Office at Théâtre Outremont (1248 Bernard Ave. W.)
On-line (no service charge)

Minuscule is a tiny tot. Surrounded by crafts, paper cut-outs, crunchy sounds, shadows, lights, objects and materials, she lives in a larger-than-life world, a reflection of the inner musings of an islander. From season to season and from one improbable encounter to the next, she tends her lighthouse and makes sure the light still shines.

With delicate sounds of marimba music in the background, Dominique Leroux brings poetic worlds to life right before our eyes as Minuscule evolves, explores the world around her and knits her courage.

Duration: 35 min
Techniques: Rod Puppet, Objects, Shadows and Live Video
Story, Scenography, Puppets and Performance: Dominique Leroux
Stage Direction: Karine St-Arnaud
Music: Colin Gagné

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Dominique Leroux

Dominique Leroux is a puppeteer, visual artists and scenographer. She lives in Montreal and divides her professional life between the city and the Magdalen Islands, where she founded the Petite Théâtrerie, an intimate playhouse dedicated to puppetry arts. An active member of the theatre community since 1998, she works with several companies either as a designer, a craftsperson or a puppeteer. She also pursues her own multidisciplinary arts research.