Le petit cirque

© O. Masson, 2002

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© O. Masson, 2002

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Le petit cirque

March 5 – 7, 2012

Artist Talk
Wednesday, March 7 at 11 am

March 8 at 2 pm,
and March 9 and 10 at 2 pm and 5 pm

Tickets available at the door and on line
$20 – general admission
Duration: 35 minutes

Within a circus-like installation, electroacoustic musician Laurent Bigot sets in motion various objects. The rubbing noises and vibrations thus produced are picked up by mikes and broadcast without intervention. The entire plot is guided by sound. Although made up of trifles, recycled stuff and worthless gadgets, The Little Circus is not based on the trivial. Sound finds its sources in stage information. The plot feeds the sound, the sound diverts the plot. Improvisation, random mechanics.

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Laurent Bigot

A composer and musician based in Grenoble (France), Laurent Bigot develops his ideas through his own work or through collaboration with musicians, dancers, filmmakers, writers, actors, visual artists. As a saxophonist he plays among others with Musicabrass, an open-air orchestra that engages with the environment, be it urban or otherwise. As an electroacoustician and a tinkerer of sorts, he composes in the studio and plays on stage, using various analogical devices and with a fondness for live sound creation.