Les journées de la culture 2010: Mobile Music

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Les journées de la culture 2010: Mobile Music

Saturday, September 25, 2010 from 2 pm

2 pm: Workshop-Artist talk with Samuel Thulin: Sound walk and sound creation (free)
3 pm: Interactive performance by Nimalan Yoganathan, Max Stein and Julian Stein ($10)
4:30 pm: Snacks
6 pm: Conference and concert with Nimalan Yoganatan, Max Stein, Julian Stein, Samuel Thulin and Stéphane Claude ($10)

2 pm – audio journey through the city – free
Samuel Thulin launches the active listening project There to Hear: Placing Mobile Music. For a four-week period, the public can download original pieces created exclusively from audio material recorded during an excursion through Montreal. Equipped with headphones, participants are able to follow Thulin's directions and retrace his steps (on foot, by bus and by subway). The participants' audio experience will diverge from the initial audio experience. Upon each re-listening, a new musical journey unfolds as imaginary mingles with reality, as original compositions meld with street sounds, and as sound becomes music..

At the launch, Thulin will discuss the project and host a short experiment exploring connections between sound, image, and the environment. Bring your mp3 player, Walkman, or Discman and some tunes to listen to.

Participants will also be able to download audio fragments from the artist in order to create their own original pieces. As a follow up to the project, these pieces will be presented on October 28, at 6 pm at OBORO.

3 pm – audio cartography and automaton orchestra – $10 – general admission
The public is invited to experience the installation Automatons & Secret Rhythms, by Nimalan Yoganathan, Max Stein and Julian Stein, a dynamic audio environment where sounds and objects collected throughout the city come together to form a percussive automaton orchestra.

The artist collective scoured the city in order to uncover rhythmic couplings and sound sequences, bringing out Montreal's hidden musicality. This acoustic content, fashioned into original pieces, will trigger electromagnetic mechanisms capable of re-producing and orchestrating recorded sounds and ambiences. Often perceived as sound pollution, urban noises reveal their "secret rhythms".

Recipients of the 2009 Caisse populaire Desjardins of Mont-Royal Young New Media Artists Award, Nimalan Yoganathan, Max Stein and Julian Stein made good use of OBORO's specialized audio space resources to carry out their project.

6 pm – conference and concert – 10$ – general admission
A conference on audio cartography practices will bring together Samuel Thulin, Nimalan Yoganathan, Max Stein and Julian Stein. Stéphane Claude will join them for a group concert which will conclude this day of mobile music!

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Stéphane Claude

Stéphane Claude is an electronic_acoustic composer and sound engineer. His research is based on integrating a conceptual and physiological framework of audio recording and sound installation for different diffusion contexts in the electronic arts.

Samuel Thulin

Samuel Thulin is a researcher, musician and media artist living in Montreal. His work is concerned with concepts of mobility, place, and sound, as well as the history of media and technology. He is a member of the Mobile Media Lab and PhD candidate in the Communication Studies department at Concordia University.

Nimalan Yoganathan

Nimalan Yoganathan is a Montreal sound artist and musician. He completed his studies in Electrical Engineering at McGill University and obtained a BFA in Electroacoutic Studies from Concordia University. He currently focuses on the integration of field recordings into his works from his travels through bustling cities, desolate landscapes, and spiritual sites. Nimalan often attempts to mimic the timbral and rhythmic characteristics of such natural sounds using synthetic gestures.