Nuit Blanche at OBORO

© D. Thibeault, 2007

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© D. Thibeault, 2007

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Nuit Blanche at OBORO

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as part of the Montreal All-Nighter of the

sound performances by Érick d’Orion, DJ Aerosol and Dr. Octoboobies
Saturday, March 1, 2008,
from 8 pm to 3 am

For more info on Montreal All-Nighter:
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514 288-9955 / 1 888 477-9955

Festival Nuit Blanche Montreal en lumière


A sleepless night at OBORO is in the works, eager nighttime visitors. From 8 pm to midnight, artist Érick d’Orion will conduct a series of sound performances with six used and reconfigured pianos. His exhibition Solo de musique concrète pour 6 pianos sans pianiste, which revisits the ruined pianos concept, will also be open to the public all night. DJ Aerosol with his ambient music will be at the turntables between performances and Dr. Octoboobies will warm up the night from midnight to 3 am. Hot beverages and snacks will be served until no more hungries, no more thirsties.

When you find yourself happily wandering the city after dark, don’t forget to swing by OBORO!

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Érick d’Orion

Érick d’Orion (b.1975) is a curator, sound and new media artist as well as a self-taught composer and musician, based in Montreal since 2015 and previously from Quebec City since 1993. Most of his work with sound focuses on digital maximizing and is closely related to noise, musique concrète, free jazz and electro-acoustic music.

DJ Aerosol

Involved in Montreal’s live techno movement since the early 90’s, DJ Aerosol (AKA Aras Bukauskas) has been bringing his hybrid style of electronic music to bouncing bodies and thirsty ears for years. His influences include old-school electro funk and San Francisco deep house. Bringing a psychedelic yet soulful mix to the platter, DJ Aerosol will get you flying with his progressive style.

Dr. Octoboobies

Over the last 5 years, Dr. Octoboobies has gained recognition for his eclectic blend of music spanning 50’s soul, 60’s rock, 70’s disco, 80’s pop, 90’s dance, present day hits and everything in between. Always the crowd pleaser, Dr. Octoboobies has DJed in New York, Berlin and Miami as well as holding his own residency Riff Raff Disko at Montreal’s Wunderbar from 2004-2007. Wherever he goes one thing is always certain, the party will follow.