Océan Motel

© M.-C Hamel, Leitmotiv Studio, 2009

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© M.-C Hamel, Leitmotiv Studio, 2009

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Océan Motel

March 2010

Artist talk
Thursday, March 25 at 6 pm

The Océan MOTEL project features two installations which use experimental video, poetry, and music to tell a story. These two installations are set up in two separate areas, where two motel rooms are recreated. Upon entering these spaces, one systematically becomes a voyeur. The spectator can search the premises, lie down on the bed, open the closet and suitcases, look out the window, turn on the TV, leaf through a newspaper, read a memo.

By scrutinizing the space and its intimate objects, one discovers not only characters, but also the memories that live within them. In order to show these objects’ capacity to capture the characters’ memories, videos are projected onto the objects, music plays on a radio, and/or poetry is heard through the telephone receiver. The characters’ intimate objects, the videos, the music, and the poetry all conspire to tell a story, to usher the observer into the memory and intimate universe of two women. Through this fragmented fiction, we discover two stories, two separations, love affairs, two particular paths, two distinct yearnings, but one common starting point, a common quest: for oneself. Océan MOTEL is a study of the intimate, which explores the remembrance, the imagination, and the memory of two women.


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Françoise Lavoie-Pilote

Françoise Lavoie-Pilote has a hybrid background, combining literature, poetry, film, videography and interactivity. Her interest in interactive video installations goes back to 1997 and stems from her flair for telling stories, stories that make us dream, throw us off balance and in which we may immerse ourselves, while playing a predominant role. Existing between philosophy, poetry and fiction, Ms.

Our most sincere aknowledgements to our three partners – the Audiovisual Service and the School of Media at UQAM, 6ixdegres, Rouge Cactus – who made possible Océan MOTEL possible. Thanks to Daniel Leblanc, Charles Gaudreault, Jean-François Lessard, Loïc Guyot, Guy Gendron, Dany Beaupré, and Robert Chrétien for their moral and financial support.