Oil Stains

© D. Eppley, 2012

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© D. Eppley, 2012

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Oil Stains

January 19 – February 16, 2013

Open visit during the installation process
Wednesday, January 16, 2-5 pm

Saturday, January 19, at 5 pm

Curator invited by Renee Baert
In collaboration with CARGO Productions as part of Out of line

Involving repetition, pattern, intricate design, labour-intensive processes and often unconventional materials and techniques, Eppley’s unusual drawing material is coloured vinyl tape, most often used for commercial signs, which he applies directly to the walls and floors of galleries. He works on site, installing abstract compositions of great vibrancy and complexity that echo specific architectural features of the gallery space. He is particularly drawn to the idiosyncrasies of overlooked spatial features and often emphasizes corners, stairways, or pre-existing stains, scars, and markings that do not usually receive aesthetic attention.

At OBORO, Eppley has found particular interest in oil stains on the floor of the large gallery, remnants of a time when 4001 Berri was a car showroom. Applying the tape in bands of bright colour, Eppley references the tradition of wall drawings, hard-edge, geometric, abstract paintings, and the color and vibrancy of pop art. Eppley’s installations move people through space as they twist, turn, and scatter in different directions.

[adapted from a text by Rachel Lafo]

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Dave Eppley

In 2003 Dave Eppley earned an MFA in painting from Mass Art. Since then he has evolved through significant institutions through invitations and commissions. Most recently he was invited to produce a work for The Kohler Arts Center, covering over 4,000 square feet of gallery and atrium space. In 2011 he won a School Construction Authority commission for the city of New York to design and fabricate a permanent work for PS 65 in Brooklyn. In 2010 he was commissioned by The Bloomberg building for two separate works at their New York headquarters.