© H. Prévost, 2013

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© H. Prévost, 2013

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November 4 – 29, 2013

Thursday, November 28 at 5:30 pm

PHON:13 H264 from OBORO on Vimeo.

The residence at OBORO allows me to continue some work begun in 2011 on the transmission of various sound sources, mostly monophonic, pre-recorded or created and manipulated live, using a set of speakers of various sizes and quality. Recently, I also added numerous small, poor quality headphones and tactile transducers to this system.

This mini network, controlled live through mixing, creates tension and surprising combinations within its sound dispersion range. Depending on the sources and the type of transmission media chosen, a more or less mobile sound mass emerges in the space. Multiple source points contribute to creating an “instrument,” which in turn composes the soundtrack and/or musical score during the live presentation.

With « PHON/13 », I intend to explore this “instrument” in more depth, by re-examining some of its components: features, size, number, dispersion range, “competence” in the space, connectivity flexibility of each speaker. I also wish to explore the site’s transmission areas, tune the “instrument” accordingly, record various tracks in order to create new material and reinsert it in the transmission chain, as well as manage the distortion generated by low-grade speakers.

For the presentation, I will use OBORO’s sound system, as well as various speakers and a dozen or more pairs of headphones.

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Hélène Prévost

Hélène Prévost is a sound artist, musician and radio producer. Parallel to her career as a radio producer at Radio-Canada (1977-2007), she has pursued a practice of sound art. Using multiple sound sources: sampler, synthesizer, field recordings, prepared CDs, mixing and remixing and multiple speakers, she has developed an instrument that is an evolving combination between a radio studio and a laboratory of sound and electric confrontations.