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© J. Brouillard, 2015

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March 9 – 28, 2015

Lou Reed Memorial Singalong
Benefit for CKUT 90,3 FM
Donations welcome
Wednesday, March 25 at 7 pm

Artist Invitation:

Open Studio
in the presence of the artist
Saturday, March 28, 1-4 pm



Pianorignal is an interactive music sculpture/installation consisting of a nine-foot concert grand piano (a 1939 Willis, built in Montreal) upholstered in moose hides head-to-tail, legs-and-all. A 55" wide, 22-point set of antlers will be placed in the position of the piano's music desk. A tree stump will serve as piano bench. The piano, hides, stump and antlers have been obtained through various channels over a long search period. My purpose in applying to this residency is to find time, space and assistance in putting all of these parts together to see/hear/play it. The piano stands alone in its anthropomorphical form as friends of the artists and members of the community gather around it to sing their hearts out to Lou Reed’s music.

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Spike Taylor

Spike Taylor is an artist and piano technician based in Montreal and it is during these past 10 years that his artistic practice has turned to piano-based art. His project "Clavicyclette" has been performed and exhibited in a number of Montreal venues (l'Astral, Le National, Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste...) at the 2012 Guelph Jazz Festival and in the Project Glade in New York City in October 2014.