Round table discussion Imaginary documentary

© L. Gonçalves, 2016

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© L. Gonçalves, 2016

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Round table discussion Imaginary documentary

Round table discussion concluding the triple residency Imaginary documentary
May 30, 2019 from 5 to 7 p.m.

The discussion will be blilingual. Live translation available upon request.

The Documentary Imaginary thematic residency emerges directly from OBORO’s open call for submissions. Three distinctive proposals came our way in 2016, from three artists engaged with diverse yet connected approaches to documentary praxis: Eugenia ReznikSophie Sabet and Tamara Vukov. Our artistic committee identified an opportunity to examine the potential for documentary forms - most often associated with cinema and radio - within the contemplative space of an exhibition framework. Each artist brings her own unique history and vision, resonating around a collective set of questions concerning auto-ethnography, veracity, subjectivity, kinship and diaspora. These three overlapping research and creation residencies will culminate in a round-table discussion to be held on May 30, 2019.

Join us for a stimulating discussion at the intersection of three distinctive documentarians as they share theories and anecdotes related to their respective installation praxes.


The image above shows Eugenia Reznik's residency at OBORO.

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Eugenia Reznik

Born in Ukraine, Eugenia Reznik has lived and worked in Quebec since 2005. She holds a Master's degree in Visual and Media Arts from the Université de Québec in Montreal, where she is pursuing her PhD in Arts Studies and Practices. She has presented several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Quebec and Europe. Her most recent work was part of the Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition (Linz, Austria, 2018).

Sophie Sabet

Sophie Sabet is an emerging media artist working predominantly in video. As an Iranian-born woman raised in Canada, her work focuses on exploring identity and the influences of the diasporic experience within the domestic sphere. She holds a BA in Art History from Queens University, and a MFA in Documentary Media Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Tamara Vukov

Tamara Vukov is a filmmaker, researcher, educator and writer based in Montreal, Quebec. She has participated in several media/film collectives over the years, and her film, video, and installation work has been presented internationally at more than 50 festivals in over 15 countries. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the Université de Montréal. Tamara has also co-programmed community-based screenings, co-produced film and video-based installations, and participated in a series of live collective cinema performances.