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Soft Saturation

Residency Summer

December 3, 2011 at 3 pm
Tickets: $10

thanks to Erikson Pro who lent the console

Soft Saturation is a sound art project that touches on electro-acoustics and classical music. The artist interprets Estonian composer Arvo Part’s 1977 piece Fratres, using only a large audio console as his sound source. Deliberately generating feedback, he develops a way to affect the volume, tone and spatiality of the sound. This allows him to express musical phrasing using the console’s faders and a system of pedals. Soft Saturation seeks to link the ancient with the modern, expressing the acoustic openness of early sacred music with contemporary sound design techniques.

Fratres for no-input console and alto violon (live) Residency Improv

Update (December 2012)
Christian Carrière talks about this project on an American radio. Listen to this excerpt:


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Christian Carrière

Christian Carrière is a sound artist and musician with extensive experience in independent film productions, television, and music production. Born in Ottawa in 1973, he now lives and works in Montreal. His interests range from manipulating field recordings and the human voice, to articulating audio feedback in a musical manner. He is a member of CRUM (Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal) and experimental music group Interceiving.