Spaces in Between

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© DPM, 2014

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Spaces in Between

M&M Residency in Mexico

April 16 to May 25, 2019

In collaboration with Laboratorio de Arte Alameda and the Conseil des arts de Montréal


In my research, I am interested in the politics of exhibition and installation spaces, while investigating the artists' current relationship with the institution, the production and dissemination system and the various actors who act as collaborators, such as curators. This involves determining the extent to which artistic practices influence and can be influenced by the cultural context in Quebec and its specific structures such as artist-run centers. The main focus of my research is on artists who activate the installation form as an anchor in space, and offer a critical look at the exhibition, its mechanisms and symbolic scope, while challenging the notion of site specificity.

As part of this residency, I will have the opportunity to look at how the notion of site specificity is treated by Mexican artists, with regard to the social, political and institutional framework in place. In parallel with my interest for alternative structures such as artist-run centers, I would like to get in touch with different local organizations that operate on models of collectives, cooperatives or non-profit organizations and which are important agents for the development of current art practices.

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Emmanuelle Choquette

Emmanuelle Choquette is a researcher, curator and cultural worker. He research focuses on the influence of the production and dissemination context on current artistic practices, particularly in installation. She co-curated the shows An Annotated Bibliography in Real Time: Performance Art in Quebec and Canada, in 2015 and Reading Performance, in 2017, both at Artexte, in Montreal.