Spectres, Waves and Modulations

© M. H. Crispo, 2017

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© M. H. Crispo, 2017

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Spectres, Waves and Modulations

Fantaisie optophonique
Martine H. Crispo
February 3 to March 17, 2018
OBORO's gallery will be closed on March 13

Video projections
Diane Morin, Joost Rekveld and Mika Taanila
February 3-23, 2018

Saturday February 3, 2018, at 5pm

December 21, 2017 to February 3, 2018

Spectres, ondes et modulations (Spectres, Waves and Modulations) is a collaboration between artist Martine H. Crispo and curator Nicole Gingras. The exhibition Fantaisie optophonique emerges from an exchange between the two women dating back to the artist’s first exploration with visualized sound. It features an original installation by Martine H. Crispo with a selection of films and videos in the adjacent gallery drawing on a range of optic and acoustic  phenomena by artists and filmmakers. The dialogue between these works, instigated by the curator, opens a space of reflection that Martine H. Crispo’s practice occupies, from a historical and thematic perspective.

Year after year, Martine H. Crispo’s work as a researcher has consistently brought her back to the question of light’s generative potential expressed through sound. She is among the artists who compose with space, time, the physical properties of light and sound as material. Over the course of an installation residency in OBORO’s gallery, Crispo assembles her remarkable aural and kinetic devices laying the ground work for the exhibition. As with each of her installation pieces, Martine H. Crispo draws us in with the promise of an experience that is created anew at every exposure to the work, where viewers must move through the installation to experience its potency. At the heart of Fantasie optophonique, light plays space as its instrument.

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Martine H. Crispo

Martine H. Crispo is an audio and new media artist. Her audio art practice is built around performance, radio creation and sound installation. Her work draws mostly upon the relationship between light and sound. Specifically, she explores the matter and energy of sound through waves of light. The artist creates devices that rely on visualized sound to replicate the frequencies of light as frequencies of sound. Her work has been shown in Canada, in the US and in Europe. She lives in Gatineau. 

Nicole Gingras

Nicole Gingras is an independent curator, researcher and author. The exhibitions, programming, texts, publications as well as the workshops she creates deal with time, the process of creation, traces, listening and memory. Her work and research have been presented in Quebec and internationally. She has collaborated with the Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA) since 2003 where she has directed the FIFA Expérimental section. Nicole Gingras has been a lecturer in Concordia University’s Masters program since 2005. She lives in Montreal.