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© A. Bulman, 2019

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© A. Bulman, 2019

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"To launch the Interrogating Access Residency I will film a performance titled Tending To, in which the walls of a small venue are examined for paint chips, dents, cracks, nail holes, etc; by running my hand along the surfaces to read for textural changes and  applying butterfly stitches to areas that require them. Throughout the residency  Tending To will change and adapt as I learn new perspectives, research and experiment with tools for creating accessible encounters & media production. Tending To will start out as a project aimed at exploring ways of caring for ourselves and for others, to needs both big and small, severe and minor, visible and invisible and will evolve to become an accessible and inclusive artwork that sheds light onto  the walls that support an oppressive and exclusive culture rather than the so called “flaws” amongst its surfaces."

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Alexis Bulman

Alexis Bulman is a facilitator, collaborator, and builder of sculptures, installations, performances and video works that question and translate the patterns of her physical movement and bodily occupation of space into visual form. Her multi-media approach to art making begins by taking cues from natural and manufactured forms and happenings in the environment and in her personal life, while her disability and physical ability influence the materials and conceptual framework that engage audiences in political, psychological, and geographical contexts.