Transfer Point

Transfer Point, video stills © J. Lin, 2007

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Transfer Point, video stills © J. Lin, 2007

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Transfer Point

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Transfer Point
from November 5 to 16, 2007

Transfer Point Launch
a video work by Jenny Lin
at the occasion of Art’s Birthday
Thursday, January 17, 2008, at 5 pm

Transfer Point screening
January 17 to February 7, 2008
in the entrance hall of Caisse Populaire Desjardins du Mont-Royal
(435, Mont-Royal E. Ave., Mont-Royal metro)

From November 5 to 16, 2007, Jenny Lin, winner of the 2006 New Media Production Grant for Young Artists sponsored by the Caisse populaire Desjardins du Mont-Royal, produced her animation video Transfer Point at OBORO. We celebrate Art’s Birthday with the launch this smart, funny and wonderfully drawn artwork. Hot chocolate and other surprises will be served.

Transfer Point is a video project which will be developed with superimposed and animated line drawings. It is a playful study of the movement of commuters embarking or disembarking from an urban transit system and dispersing to continue their commute home after working hours. The mesmerizing effect of repetition with some variation, similar to a musical fugue, will invite the viewer into a digressing, daydreaming state of mind. In this state, memory and fantasy intersect, giving way to "the uncanny", deriving its power not from something externally alien or unknown but -rather the opposite- from the utterly familiar.

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Jenny Lin

Jenny Lin is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist who works with video, drawing, installation, and print media. She completed her BFA in Calgary at the University of Calgary and an MFA at Concordia University. She teaches studio-based courses as a sessional instructor at Concordia University.