Travelling Without Moving

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Travelling Without Moving

Travelling Without Moving
curator: Susanne Jaschko
November 3 to December 8, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007, at 5 pm
the gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday,
from noon to 5 pm

The cultural value of urban screens
by Susanne Jaschko
Thursday, November 1, 2007, at 12:30 pm
R-M130, Sciences de la gestion Pavilion
Berri-UQAM metro

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The exhibition Travelling Without Moving deals with the changes in today’s notions of travelling due to an often mediatized perception of the surrounding world.

Technological innovation has increased the speed of travel and the range of distances that can be reached in real time. By the same token, the modern traveller has developed a strong desire to feel a connection with home. Mobile devices fulfil this desire, but also disconnect the traveller from his or her surroundings.

One might argue that today’s mobility implies movement on the surface – the surface of the city, the surface of culture. That it means travelling without moving – and perhaps without being moved.

The six selected artworks can be regarded as results of, or comments on, this changed perception and conveyance of the world. More than this, they are representatives of a new aesthetics of digital minimalism and condensed experience. [S.J.]

Works by Heman Chong (SP), Angela Detanico / Rafael Lain (BR), Jérôme Joy (FR), radioqualia (NZ/GB), Sascha Pohflepp / Jakob Schillinger (DE), Marius Watz (NO).

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Susanne Jaschko

Susanne Jaschko is a Berlin-based independent curator and researcher in contemporary visual and electronic art. She holds a doctorate in Art History. From 1997 to 2004, she was curator and deputy director of the international media art festival Transmediale. In 2006, she co-curated the Scape Biennial of Art in Public Space in New Zealand. In the same year, she also co-curated the show Open House. Architecture and Technology for Intelligent Living produced by Vitra Design Museum and Art Center Pasadena.