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What we are saying

April 10-14, 2013

Master Class
Sunday, April 7 and Monday, April 8, 2013, 11 am – 5 pm

June 1, 2 and 3 at centre Phi, as part of Festival TransAmériques


in collaboration with the Festival TransAmériques

What do we say about the present moment – the moment we’re in now, together?

What we are saying, Public Recordings’ new work done with choreographer Ame Henderson, creates the conditions for communication to emerge as a spontaneous, choral conversation. In an open performance space, crammed with chairs, an assembly of performers speak and move in unison. As they navigate and re-orient the uncertain, the performers begin a dialogue with the audience in which every decision is a group decision but no one knows what’s going to happen next. As performers and audience touch the power of the unified gesture, What we are saying reveals a vulnerable, funny and courageous humanity that illuminates the radical possibility of a leaderless togetherness.

Ame Henderson and Public Recordings will be in residence at OBORO in order to develop the sound component of their new work.

Public Recordings creates events that reveal the processes undertaken by those who make them. They believe that if performance exposes the creators’ authentic curiosities and decisions then it can become a catalyst for a new process of meaning generation that is undertaken together with an audience. Applying a choreographic understanding to an emergent, choral conversation, they imagine that they will uncover evidence that supports their premise: that discovering how to say together is the way to reveal what needs to be said.

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Public Recordings/Ame Henderson

Established in 2003, Public Recordings is an atelier that explores and shares choreographic experimentation through artistic research, performance creation, publication and education. The company has a history of presenting works in a diversity of performance contexts. Guided by the choreographer Ame Henderson, the company initiates cross-disciplinary projects that situate collaboration as both a political and aesthetic interest.