Why so many ties?

© L. Boney, 2017

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© L. Boney, 2017

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Why so many ties?

April 8 – May 20, 2017
*closed on Friday, April 14 and Saturday, April 15*

Saturday, April 8 at 5 pm

This event is part of the Montreal Digital Spring 2017

My work in sculpture is concerned with the concept of passage as related to the experience of crossing and with the aesthetic experience of the senses. Through immersive installations, I wish our bodies to be confronted with objects, shapes, and dimensions.

I am therefore proposing a work through which visitors can walk: 2000 metal rods crowned with recycled plastic bags are “planted” in 50 planks arranged like the many tiers of culture. At the centre of this sculptural field of plastic, evocative of contemporary issues, the semantic reading is contaminated by the sensory experience. 

The experience involves walking on flexible boards—hyperbole of the gallery floor—while simultaneously having the impression of being in a field outside the room. I am particularly interested in this idea of being “inside” and “outside” the space and the work’s possible points of view.

The work is experiential (during the crossing) but it is also a sculptural installation to be observed from outside the field. The choreographic movement of the rods and the viewers’ bodies appearing between the rods, their heads hidden by the plastic tufts, form a disquieting landscape.

The crossing is also marked by an amplification of creaking planks and flapping plastic—ambient sound that deepens the immersive potential of the installation.


Ludovic Boney - Why So Many Ties
Exhibition presented at OBORO from April 8 to May 20, 2017.
As part of OBORO’s 2017 programming : One year dedicated to Indigenous artists and thinkers. 
Director, camera operator, editor : Mélanie O’Bomsawin
OBORO acknowledges that Tiohtià:ke, where its activities take place, is unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory.

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Ludovic Boney

After finishing his studies in sculpture in 2002, Ludovic Boney teamed up with four other artists to found the artist co-op Bloc 5. He works at the co-op and regularly completes public art projects on his own or in collaboration with others (screen printers, painters, photographers, architects, sculptors). Boney also teaches sculpture at the Maison des métiers d’art de Québec. Since 2015, he has lived in Saint-Romuald where he is working on large-scale public art projects and preparing gallery exhibitions.