Word, Action, Image, Music: Links Between Performance and Song

© S. Létourneau, 2016

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© S. Létourneau, 2016

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Word, Action, Image, Music: Links Between Performance and Song

April 9 – June 8, 2016

Artist Talk
Thursday, May 19 at 5:30 pm

Winner of the travel-production grant in digital arts and new media for artists from Ville de Saguenay and the island of Montreal.


My residency project will explore the possible connections between song, performance art, theatre, video, and digital audio manipulation. I will mostly focus on composing new works—intersecting song, trip hop, psychedelic folk, lo-fi pop, electronic music, and sound textures—as well as staging and sounding this music, while integrating performance and video.

Coming out of performance art, I have long been interested in the sound aspect of performative action, in conjunction with my activities as a singer, songwriter, and composer and my set design and acting practice. I wish to explore the porous boundaries between these practices and discover interdisciplinary openings between songwriting and performance art. I will also examine how sound and set design might interact by exploring various audio sources and ways of spatializing sound. By working with composer and sound artist Guillaume Thibert, I will research useful digital tools that can help maximise my exploration.

Furthermore, I will explore ways of weaving in video with Montreal filmmaker Luciana Marcos. I wish to examine the potential trajectories created through the interaction of sound, image, and action in a live show. This might involve ways of multiplying my presence or the inclusion of another world through video, using various supports and mediums for projection.

During the residency, I will record new compositions in the studio, as well as one or more performances in unexpected places. I will also use the production studio to create poetic images for the music.

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Sara Létourneau

Sara Létourneau is a multidisciplinary artist from Chicoutimi. She takes risks and devotes herself to theatre, performance and visual art, as well as to music as a singer, songwriter, and composer. She has participated in many independent projects, as well as several theatre projects for Théâtre La Rubrique and the Canada Research Chair in the Creation of a Dramaturgy of Sound in Theatre. She has exhibited her visual art in several group shows and, in January 2016, she was part of a duo exhibition-residence with Magali Baribeau-Marchand at the Galerie l’Œuvre de l’Autre.