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© OBORO, 2011

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Writing Audio Arts

July 2011

January 2012 in esse arts + opinions

Winner of the Writing Audio Art residency offered by esse arts + opinions and OBORO
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With I am walking in a room, Owen Chapman explores the concept of "audio art," consulting documentation of works from the OBORO archive, conducting listening sessions, interviews, and creating a short sound piece in the style of Alvin Lucier. The essay written at the end of this process invokes Chapman's inability to define the concept, opting instead to describe and contrast various forms of revelation that are possible with audio art. This revelation draws attention to the shared soundscapes that frame our daily lives — the acoustic "rooms" in which we all sit, walk, talk, move, share, hear and listen.

To listen to Owen Champan's pieces entitled I am walking in a room and I am playing the piano in a room, produced in residency at OBORO:
Owen Chapman' notes from OBORO

Read interviews with sound artists conducted by Owen Chapman during his residency at OBORO:
• Chapman, Owen. "Conversation with Nancy Tobin" http://nomorepotlucks.org/site/conversation-with-nancy-tobin

• Chapman, Owen. "'On n’est pas conditionné à voir quelqu’un qui frotte ou gratte une boîte de métal, tu sais?': A Conversation with Magali Babin." No More Potlucks (21) (May 2012) http://nomorepotlucks.org/site/on-nest-pas-conditionne-a-voir-quelquun-qui-frotte-ou-gratte-une-boite-de-metal-tu-sais-a-conversation-with-magali-babin-owen-chapman (in French)

• Chapman, Owen. “‘Not All Audio Art is Good, Obviously…': A Conversation with Nimalan Yoganathan.” No More Potlucks (20) (March 2012) http://nomorepotlucks.org/site/not-all-audio-art-is-good-obviously

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Owen Chapman

Owen Chapman is an audio artist whose work involves sample-based music, video projection, contact microphones and old electronic instruments. He is director of the Montreal Mobile Media Lab, located in the Communication Studies department at Concordia University, where he is also an assistant professor in Sound Production and Scholarship.