Janet Lumb 4 Moments

Date(s): May 4th 2002


4 Moments

4 Moments, a cyberspace videoconferencing and improvisational event, is in its fourth year of collaboration with OBORO. Evolving the concept in order to experiment, play and have fun with new technology, “the voice” will springboard this year’s event.

“Kiran,” a singer/songwriter and her musicians who combine Indian flavours with warm pop melodies, performs live on-line from Toronto with Montréal’s “Sincere,” an inviting and youthful Filipino a cappella quartet that creates sweet, sweet melodies. The public is especially invited to participate, sing or even dance! “On-line or live, join us in this grandiose moment.”( J . L . )

4 Moments

Janet Lumb is director of the Montréal Asian Heritage Festival, the longest running Asian festival in Canada. “Celebrating our seventh lucky year in 2002, is truly… a miracle.”