Andrea-Jane Cornell

Andrea-Jane Cornell improvises with field recordings, radio waves, and object- instruments. She seeks to create enveloping environments populated by harmonics resonances are swept up and carried away by the wind, revealing a multitude burbling below the undulating surface. A gleaner of sonorities, she transforms and transmits ambiences though performance, installation and across short and long range radio transmission channels. She is engaged in a quest for the sharawadji effect, that elusive sonic phenomena that occurs when a fissure in the expected outcome of a sonic event erupts into a sublime all encompassing motif. Her solo work has been presented at the Htmlles festival (Montréal), Signal and Noise (Vancouver), NSCAD (Halifax), Modern Fuel Vapors Series (Kingston), Kunstradio (Vienna), and Free103point9 (New York). Her collaborative radiophonic works with Émilie Mouchous have been presented by Chicago’s the RADIUS network (Rise and Shine), Espace project in Montreal (Organes quel conques), and Galerie Verticale in Laval (Radio Tricycle). She is a member of the FÜNF collective, a group consisting of improvisers and electronic instrument creators Magali Babin, Martine H. Crispo, Anne-Françoise Jacques, Émilie Mouchous and Erin Sexton, who have presented concerts at MUTEK, AKOUSMA, and the électrochocs series. She formed the hymnotic duo Le fruit vert with Marie-Douce St-Jacques in 2011, which has presented concerts at the centre des arts actuels SKOL, Suoni per il popolo festival, MUTEK and Festival Écho, in the Mauricie national park.