Carlo Franco Stella Atencio

Carlo Franco Stella Atencio is a Peruvian artist who started drawing at the age of 5. Since then, his mother has eagerly collected his prolific art production, which today encompasses more than 10,000 drawings. Stella Atencio underwent psychiatric hospitalization at the age of 23. One of the treatments he received was tecnoterapia, a local form of art therapy created in Peru by Doctor Honorio Delgado. Through tecnoterapia, Stella Atencio started making visible the cities that only he can see. His drawings are part of the permanent collection of the Hospital Victor Larco Herrera (Lima, Peru). His first international showing was in a group exhibition (NAEMI, Miami, 2010). Additionally, his work has been featured in renowned European art galleries. He had his first solo exhibition (Vincent et moi gallery, Quebec City, 2013) as part of an international congress of art therapy. He currently works and lives in Peru’s main port town, El Callao.

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