Catherine Béchard and Sabin Hudon

Catherine Béchard and Sabin Hudon form a duo of multidisciplinary artists who live and work in Montreal. Working in the fields of sculpture, audio art and new media, the duo is particularly interested in phenomena linked to acoustically generated sounds/noises, their propagations, the impressions they give as well as the “things” and “empty spaces between things” that compose our perceptual fields. In piling up fleeting tensions between sight, touch and hearing, they endeavour to make audible trivial elements of our everyday microcosm and turn them into a genuine environmental experiment. They seek to occupy space by creating a form of synesthesia — seeing with one’s ears, listening with one’s hands and projecting oneself in a space-time between silence and noise, motion and stillness. The duo’s installations put into perspective the impermanence and mobility of things as well as our direct presence in the world. They propose a lasting moment where internal time and external time are brought together. Their work has been shown nationally and internationally.

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