Chantal T.Paris

Chantal T.Paris is a writer and independent researcher in contemporary art. She has a Master in Art History from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her writing and projects explore relations between writing and art from a post-critical perspective. Actively involved in Montreal’s art milieu for over a decade, she has worked in several artist-run centres and has published essays in journals, including Espace, ETC, Spirale, and esse arts+opinions, as well as in Laboratoire parcellaire (La Peuplade), for which she wrote the introduction. In summer 2014, she created, organized, and co-instructed the exploratory writing workshop Actions transmissives | Écrire à l’œuvre en contexte numérique, at OBORO, curating and editing a booklet of texts written during the workshop, which was published in Issue 104 of ETC Média.