Corine Lemieux

Corine Lemieux (b. 1973) is a Canadian artist based in Montreal who works mainly in the field of photographic and sculptural installation since 1998. Her practice aims to cultivate a quality of attention, an interior layout that allows to see what is present and reveal the links between the different elements that make up a creative experience. She seeks to demonstrate the transformative power of creation on our perceptions and ways of acting. It is a practice that serves as a tool to develop an ethic that guides choices.

Her work has been soloed in several galleries in Quebec, Ontario and Italy. She also participated in Montreal's Mois de la Photo in 2011 as well as several events and exhibitions involving an active form of collaboration. In 2010, she published a book titled En cours de route at Sagamie Art Editions. She is currently completing a Master's degree at the Université du Québec à Montréal.