Daniel Dion

First and foremost an artist, Daniel Dion (1958-2014) contributed to the development of media and digital practices from the beginning of his career in the 1980s. Interested in the theoretical, aesthetic and spiritual paradigms that bridge art and communication, Daniel Dion instigated many transcultural exchanges between artists from Canada, India, Mexico, Cuba, Japan and European countries. In 1993, the National Gallery of Canada organized an exhibition of his single channel video and installations, for which he created—together with Su Schnee, his beloved partner, and Bryan Mulvihill—their most widely recognized pan-disciplinary work, World Tea Party, that has since been shown around the world. Daniel Dion dedicated his career defending the rights of artists through the production and dissemination of their works. Always working in a spirit of collegiality, he was, for years, the general and artistic director of OBORO, the artist centre he cofounded in 1982 with Su Schnee.

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