David (Jhave) Johnston

David (Jhave) Johnston is a multimedia poet living in Montreal. He is a computer scientist, an interface designer and an artist. The majority of his work is net-based and interdisciplinary: it remixes sound, video and poetry with programming.
He has been involved in numerous collaborative and solo digital and in-situ art practises both locally and internationally (with OBX, NT2, TML, FILE, Champ Libre, Bioteknica, Turbulence.org, Ollivier Dyens, Sophie Jodoin, and Year01). His work has been exhibited at three biennales: Montreal '03, '09 & Toronto '04. His work has been exhibited at two new media Biennales: Montreal '03 & Toronto '04.
His home site is www.glia.ca. He co-curates www.year01.com

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