Eman Haram

Eman Haram is an interdisciplinary artist of many countries and identities. Palestinian by lineage, Damascene by birth, Lebanese by symbiosis of having spent nearly twenty years of her life in the profligate city called Beirut, Jordanian by a stroke of fate, and Canadian by naturalization. After completing her undergraduate and graduate studies in architecture and art history in the United States, where she lived and worked in numerous cities for more than two decades, she relocated to Canada in 2001 and is currently living in the vast space between Montreal and Amman. Haram has presented her photographic works, installations and performances locally (Darling Foundry, Chantier Libre, Atelier Circulaire) and internationally (Contemporary Istanbul, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art, Casa Arabe Madrid, International Women's festival, Aleppo, Dar Al Kalima College, Bethlehem, Amman Image festival III).