Hélène Prévost

Hélène Prévost is a sound artist, musician and radio producer. Parallel to her career as a radio producer at Radio-Canada (1977-2007), she has pursued a practice of sound art. Using multiple sound sources: sampler, synthesizer, field recordings, prepared CDs, mixing and remixing and multiple speakers, she has developed an instrument that is an evolving combination between a radio studio and a laboratory of sound and electric confrontations. Recent projects (performance and recordings) include: PHONnPHONn (24gauche), L'île Flottante, MM/12ze (Mois Multi, Quebec), U/Onze (Akousma 2011), C/Onze,+-/_\-+(Daïmon), Travaux Électroniques Féminins, Transgressive Transmissions, Ghosts of vacant lots, Simulcast, Outfront (CBC), Luigi’s Avatar, Montreal and Victoriaville Sound Matter and has written articles for Musicworks, Artexte, Esse, Circuit. For the radio she has recorded hundreds of artists in concert, has coordinated the radio’s participation to festivals such as FIMAV and MUTEK, and projects like the SILOPHONE (The User) and has created a number of special projects for the radio and the web investigating sound, space, processes and transmission.

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