James Schidlowsky

James Schidlowsky (b. 1965, Canada) is an experimental sound, video and electronic artist based in Montreal, QC. From his first forays into music (playing guitar as a teenager), his work has evolved into a creative exploration of experimental, electro-acoustic, electronic and improvisational sound. He is featured in numerous recorded releases, DVDs and live performances (both solo, and group). Since 2003 he has been a frequent host to radio programs emphasizing the sonic arts, and has performed several radiophonic works and improvisations live on-air. Self-taught in electronic circuitry, he began building electronic sound boxes in 2010. He completed his first electronically-controlled sound installation in late 2012. James has collaborated with sound artists Alexandre St-Onge, Émilie Mouchous, Simon Brown, Will Eizlini, Magali Babin, a_Dontigny and Érick d'Orion.