jenna dawn maclellan

jenna dawn maclellan is a Montréal-based artist and cultural mediator, born in the prairies and raised in the community of Sioux Lookout. Location, accessibility and personal encounters have greatly influenced her socially-engaged practice, where she activates personal and social experiences through performative gestures in public and private spaces inspired by the everyday. Her community-oriented vocation has ranged from setting up a sewing atelier for Montreal’s urban refugees, orchestrating an ad-hoc neighbourhood-driven recycling committee in Chicago, to initiating a dialogue for peace between immigrant factory women and Canadian military personnel. She is recently working to complete her Masters of Fine Arts at Concordia University. Following The Parcel Workshops on creative writing with four authors in residence and as the captain of the ship to animate the workshops surrounding Caroline Loncol-Daigneault’s fiction “Le Vaisseau”, this is the third workshop series that Jenna organizes for OBORO.