Marie-Douce St-Jacques

Marie-Douce St-Jacques is a Montreal-based interdisciplinary artist whose activities encompass music, visual arts, publishing and screenwriting. As a musician and composer, she was vocalist and keyboard player in Pas chic chic (2005–2010) and, since 2011, has been one half of duo Le fruit vert with sound artist Andrea-Jane Cornell. A precocious publisher, at the age of 11 she self-published and distributed her own magazine, Un petit peu de tout, and, at 17, founded aMAZEzine (1995–2001), an experimental music fanzine that would reach worldwide circulation. Inspired by musical and artistic avant-garde movements, St-Jacques has long been a creator of posters, book-objects, album covers, and, since 2010, hand-assembled collages. In 2015, Kolaj Magazine presented a feature on her work, and, in 2017, her first large-scale exhibition was presented at Maison de la culture NDG. St-Jacques pursues publishing activities through Le laps, a micro-publishing platform dedicated to artists’ writing, where she has notably released debut French-language titles by Daïchi Saïto and Simon Brown. As a screenwriter, she has cowritten scripts for François Lemieux’s documentary Un soleil difficile (2017) and Karl Lemieux’s Maudite poutine (2016), a feature-length film that premiered at the Venice Film Festival. St-Jacques holds a BFA in interdisciplinary arts and an MA in French literature and media studies. Her master’s thesis was awarded the Prix Pierre-et-Yolande-Perrault.