Nimalan Yoganathan

Nimalan Yoganathan is a Montreal sound artist and musician. He completed his studies in Electrical Engineering at McGill University and obtained a BFA in Electroacoutic Studies from Concordia University. He currently focuses on the integration of field recordings into his works from his travels through bustling cities, desolate landscapes, and spiritual sites. Nimalan often attempts to mimic the timbral and rhythmic characteristics of such natural sounds using synthetic gestures. He is also involved with radio production, installation art, and sound design for film, dance, and theatre. He has released experimental Dub and Hip-Hop albums on labels including Le Son 666 and Panospria (No_Type). His works have been disseminated at numerous festivals and venues including MUTEK, Suoni per il Popolo, Piknique Electronik, Art's Birthday, OBORO, Darling Foundry, and the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall. He also plays in several electronic and free-jazz groups including Deadbush and the Chimurenga Electroacoustic Ensemble.