Tiphaine Girault

Tiphaine Girault is a Deaf Illustrator, multidisciplinary artist and Director and co-founder of SPiLL.PROpagation (SPiLL), an artist centre for creation and production in sign language in Canada. The main three artistic activities of SPiLL–Founded in 2009 by a group of Deaf and not-Deaf artists (allied artists)–are creation, collaborative production, and research creation. Paula Bath, also co-founder of SPiLL, returned to Canada after taking part to an international arts residency at the National Deaf Theater in Stockholm, Sweden. She found Sweden’s art landscape had integrated signed language by moving beyond concepts of sign language as accessibility by way of translation. Theatre practices infused sign language into the art form itself and it became a new aesthetic. Tiphaine and Paula then decided to explore this concept of infusion in Canada and with Canadian Deaf artists.