Véronique Binst

Véronique Binst is a plurirdisciplinary artist constantly seeking further development in her practice. She received a master’s degree in musicology and scriptwriting while practising cello & singing. After graduating, she followed acting classes with Frédéric Dussenne in the Art Conservatory in Mons, where she obtained an honours award in dramatic arts. Véronique has taken part in numerous project, as actor, musician or stage director. For several years she has been exploring animation movie techniques using modeling clay. She has attendend classes at the CECN on new technologies together with the Pro VIA festival in Mons. She also took part in the electroacoustics training Sound’Up from Art Zoyd and to the Digital Arts Research group from APREM. All these projects, led to meeting more an more people, mixing various techniques and exploring even further, including playing with molecular cuisine, cosmos imagination or the information of binary code.

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