Vida Simon

Vida Simon’s work has been presented internationally, in a wide range of contexts – galleries, hotel rooms, storefronts, theatres, rooftops, a former synagogue, an old horse stable, and most recently in an abandoned house on Fogo Island, Newfoundland with TO MAKE ENDS MEET (2013). Other recent projects include performances at the ZAZ Festival of Performance Art (Israel), Interakcje (Poland), a collaboration with Jack Stanley at At Home Gallery (Slovakia), and exhibitions at OBORO (Montreal) and Badstrasse (Germany). Upcoming projects include residencies at 3e impérial (Granby) and Sazmanab (Tehran). A running thread throughout her work is drawing: a form that most directly expresses her interests in visual storytelling, improvisation, and elemental materials. Whether through miniature handmade objects or fragments found in nature, her work often draws attention to the detail, the intimate, the ephemeral. As an extension of her practice, Vida collaborates with other artists and leads art workshops. She lives in Montreal.