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Diffusion, Urban Terrarium, presentation, Allison MooreDiffusion, La Corde Raide, presentation,

Address & Hours

4001 Berri St., suite 200
Montreal (Quebec) Canada H2L 4H2
514-844-3250 ext. 230

Opening Hours
Business hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm


The New Media Team works in close contact with all of OBORO's personnel. Members of the Lab team are experienced, friendly and well informed. Key individuals are:

Aaron Pollard, Head and Research, Multimedia Sector (ext. 225)
Stéphane Claude, Head and Research, Audio Sector (ext. 237)
James Schidlowsky, Technical Manager
 (ext. 252)

Studio and Equipment Reservations

For more information, contact us at at 514-844-3250 ext. 230, or

To make a reservation request or for any inquiry, please complete the following form: New Media Lab reservation request form

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