Exhibition Programming 2022-2023


Exhibition programming 2022-2023 

Deadline: 15 November 2021 at noon 


This call only pertains to exhibition programming. Currently, we do not have an open call for residencies or special projects.  

 The link to the online submission portal can be found further down on this page. 


OBORO particularly encourages Indigenous and culturally diverse artists and curators, as well as members of equity-seeking groups and under-represented communities to submit an exhibition proposal. Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of artistic merit, coherence with OBORO’s mission and mandate, ecological impact, and feasibility. OBORO seeks to support artists who are parents by researching childcare options and offering financial help whenever possible. If, for reasons pertaining to equity, you wish to submit your proposal in an alternate format, please contact us in order to make arrangements.  



OBORO invites artists, artist collectives and curators in visual arts, media and digital arts or interdisciplinary practices to propose exhibition projects to be presented between Fall 2022 through to the end of 2023. We are interested in innovative practices that offer a contemporary perspective on the issues facing us as individuals, as a society and as artists. OBORO’s mandate is to support creation in various cultural practices and to encourage innovation, experimentation, the exchanging of ideas and the sharing of knowledge. OBORO’s objective is to promote awareness and dialogue within the art world and society at large, and to contribute to a culture of peace.  

Your project can also include a performance or a proposal for a public event (guided visit, artist talk, workshop, master class, cultural mediation activity, etc.).  

Our regular installation period varies between 5 and 10 days, with up to 35 hours of assistance from our technicians. Please note that OBORO is not able to support the production of the works that will be exhibited. Therefore, the works must already be completed and ready to exhibit at the time of installation. 


Conditions of Support for Exhibitions:

  • Exhibition rights: $ 2,880 for a 5-week solo exhibition 
  • Exhibition install fee: up to a maximum of $ 400 
  • Materials budget for install and take-down: up to $ 500 
  • A contribution of up to $ 1,000 towards the artist’s travel fees.* 
  • A contribution of up to $ 800 to cover the return transportation of artworks or equipment.
  • For artists living outside Montreal: accommodation, a per diem of $ 40  (for stays of 7 days or less) or $ 25  (for 8 days or more). (The standard stay includes the week of the installation and up to 2 days following the opening.) 
  • Up to 35 hours of installation and take-down technical support from our technicians. Artists and/or curators must be present during the install.  
  • Access to specialized technical advice for media-based projects. However, our participation is limited to consultation, and depends on the availability of our researchers. It cannot extend to the production of works. 
  • Promotion of the event in accordance with OBORO’s standard communications practices  
  • Professional photographic documentation of the exhibition (the artist will receive a set of digital images) 

* Projects for which travel fees and expenses for the transportation of artworks exceed these amounts will need to secure external supplementary funding. 


Access to the following equipment free of charge:  

  • Up to 4 Mac Mini computers 
  • Up to 4 multimedia projectors (2 x HD, 2 x 4K) 
  • Up to 4 HD multimedia monitors (40”) 
  • Up to 2 4K multimedia monitors (50”) 
  • Up to 2 Matrox TripleHead2Go display ports 
  • 6 amplified speakers with wall mounts or C-clamps for the ceiling 
  • 3 audio mixers with 4 or 10 entries 
  • 1 digital audio multichannel interface 
  • 1 subwoofer 
  • 4 headphones 
  • 1 4-channel headphone amplifier 


OBORO’s team reviews each selected proposal jointly with the artist in order to determine the options that will give the work optimal dissemination. However, any required equipment that goes beyond OBORO’s resources will need to be provided by the artist or other collaborators. Artists requiring supplementary equipment for the presentation of their exhibition will receive a 40 % discount on the current member rates at the New Media Lab. If you have questions about the technical feasibility of your exhibition proposal, please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to the submission deadline.


How to Submit a Proposal: 

You must submit your application through the FOLLOWING FORMPlease note that it is not possible to save a draft of your form.  

For questions pertaining to the online submission process, contact the Front Desk at 514 844-3250 or email us. If, for reasons pertaining to equity, you wish to submit your proposal in an alternate format, please contact us in order to make arrangements.  


Before completing the submission form, make sure you have prepared the following items: 

  • An artist statement (maximum 250 words) 
  • A detailed artistic and technological description of the project (max. 400 words) 
  • A short biography indicating your training, recent exhibitions, prizes received, etc. (maximum 150 words) 
  • A list of technical requirements for the presentation of the artworks, specifying what will be provided by the artists and what would be expected of OBORO. (See our current equipment list
  • A detailed budget indicating anticipated expenses and how they will be covered if they exceed OBORO’s means (transportation costs, materials, rentals, etc.).   
  • Web links for support material: up to 8 minutes of video or audio material and a maximum of 10 images. For each item, specify the name of the artist, title of work, media year and duration.  


Selection Process and Calendar: 

OBORO has an artistic programming committee composed of members from the board of directors (who have an active practice in creation, research, writing or curating), as well as members of OBORO’s team and directors. The committee meets to examine the proposals received for the centre’s various programs, and to consider the centre’s overall artistic direction. On an ad hoc basis, the committee invites artists and curators from the art community to take part in the discussions. Members of OBORO’s team are also called upon to play an active role in selecting certain projects, evaluating their feasibility and interest relative to a joint overall vision. All of OBORO’s employees have an artistic practice, and the diversity of their interests and expertise contributes to the energy and vitality of the centre’s programming activities.  


Unless a specific agreement has been made, only applications submitted via the online form will be considered. Incomplete applications will not be processed.  

Artists and curators whose projects have been selected will receive a response within 4 months of the submission deadline. Due to the volume of submissions, we regret that we are unable to provide personalized feedback on unsuccessful projects.