Coefficients d'intimité / Amplified Intimacies

Catalogue of the Coefficients d'intimité / Amplified Intimacies exhibition, presented at OBORO from September 13 to October 18, 2008. The eight site-specific interactive works and tangible media devices come to life again, under the theoretical lighting shed by curators Lynn Hughes and Jean Dubois (co-directors of the research group Interstices) in their respective essays.

Images du Magasin: 
Essays by Jean Dubois et Lynn Hughes. Graphic design by Pata Macedo, 2011, 192 p., colour, bilingual, $20 Artists: Chloé Lefebvre and Jean Dubois, François Quévillon, Lynn Hughes and Heather Kelly, Karmen Franinovic and Yon Visell, Adad Hannah and Niklas Roy, Ying Gao, Matthew Biederman, James Partaik