Audio Art / Synthesis


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In an age of ever burgeoning digital technologies, we are seeing a marked interest in revisiting technological tools of eras past in the form of software and plug-ins, but more interestingly contained in small hand held devices for recording, generating and processing sound. These compact modules are reintroducing a direct and physical approach to working with the medium of sound and the routing of the signal chain.

The resurgence of analog synthesis, the use of small noise generators and tactile processors are bringing about a return to a more hands on approach to performance and improvisation with sound. Many artists in Montréal's sound art community employ a range of versatile and intuitive mobile components to replace or bypass the classic laptop and soundcard set up, that enable them to adapt their setup to suit the spaces in which they present their works.

This workshop will look at the conception of creative sound systems for handmade architectural spaces. Participants will work to create sound environments with hybrid systems that use noise generators, samplers, field recordings, small synthesizers, an vast array of microphones and effects pedals. There will be a focus on how to make sound structures that create an environment conducive to deep and meditative states of listening. Improvisation techniques and exercises in intuitive performance will serve as the springboard for guiding participant’s compositions and performances created in the cadre of the workshop.

The workshop will end with a series of solo or improvised performances by the participants.