Daniel Courville Advanced Sound Workshop

Date(s): Sep 29 2007
Sep 30 2007
Oct 13 2007
Oct 14 2007
Oct 27 2007
Oct 28 2007


Advanced Sound Workshop

© Daniel Courville, 2007

Increasingly, surround sound is being incorporated into media and artistic productions. Because sound content on DVD-Video and HDTV is invariably multiphonic, multimedia artists must consider this potential in the creation and production process. However, those who wish to appropriate the technology and integrate it into their approach may be intimidated by the large number of formats, in terms of signal encoding, broadcast standards and distribution media. There is a solution to all the questions raised by working in multiphonic sound: the Ambisonic system. This system covers all aspects of surround sound production: acquisition, synthesis, processing and reproduction of sound content in three dimensions. The comprehensive approach of the Ambisonic system is fully compatible with the most popular technologies, such as Dolby Digital and DTS, and with mainstream distribution media like DVD and HDTV

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Advanced Sound Workshop

© Daniel Courville, 2007

Daniel Courville est chargé de cours en production sonore et informatique appliquée à l’École des médias de l’UQAM depuis 1990. Il est réalisateur d’enregistrements de musique et s’intéresse à la captation, au traitement et à la reproduction sonores en trois dimensions et, en particulier, depuis 1988, à la technologie Ambisonic. Plus récemment, il s’est penché sur la question de l’intégration de la technologie Ambisonic dans les environnements de production et postproduction sonore par le développement d’outils logiciels modulaires.