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Choreographies of Encounter

L. Maloney

Master Class
Workshop on Sunday, April 7 and Monday, April 8, 2013, 11 am – 5 pm

In this 2-day master class, Ame Henderson and her collaborators with Public Recordings offer their practices as a site for investigation and sharing between participants. Here, choreography is an expanded form, a flexible set of tools for time-based and relational interdisciplinary work. The studio becomes a laboratory in which participating artists rigorously test their own systems of assigning value and meaning through and with their bodies. In an unwavering experimental spirit, the work insists on an ethic of collaboration. We regard practice and theory, research and making, movement and reflection as intertwined activities. Over the course of the master class, participants explore a collection of exercises to produce material and activate questions about the borders between sense and sound, and physical gesture and utterance.

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Choreographies of Encounter

L. Maloney

Ame Henderson (choreographer, performer) works on creating ethical and meaningful encounters amongst and between artists and audiences.

Brendan Jensen (choreographer, performer) offers his experience as an interpreter and collaborator in the choreographic process.

Sherri Hay is a Canadian artist who splits her time between New York City and Toronto. Her wide ranging practice that includes sculpture, installation, video and performance, has been exhibited internationally, at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), and the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art (MOCCA) in Toronto. She is also an occasional collaborator in experimental theatre and dance.

Marie Claire Forté (choreographer, performer, writer) poses questions about language through the creative practice of translation, and introduces the idea of documentation as part of the choreographic practice.

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