Frances Adair Mckenzie Eva Cvijanović Allison Moore Aaron Pollard The Many Faces, Fazes and Facets of Stop Motion: A Step-by-step, Image-by-image guide to High/Low Animation

Date(s): Apr 7th 2018 to Apr 7th 2008
Apr 8th 2018
Apr 14th 2018
Apr 15th 2018
Apr 21st 2018
Apr 22nd 2018

Registration Date(s): Feb 14 to Mar 29 2018


F. A. McKenzie, E. Cvijanović, A. Moore, 2018

Just in time for the return of warmth we offer you a crash course in an abundance of animation techniques from the multi-talented Frances Adair Mckenzie, Eva Cvijanović and Allison Moore. Over three weekends in April, participants will be escorted through an accelerated learning environment covering years of accrued knowledge, encompassing production paths carved by two fiercely independent feminist animation practices, from planning through installation. With their unique blend of DIY, post-punk approach and a nuanced and focused set of techniques and aesthetics, this is an opportunity to study with two prodigious experts on their craft.

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F. A. McKenzie, E. Cvijanović, A. Moore, 2018

Frances Adair Mckenzie is an interdisciplinary artist based in Montréal whose practice includes video installation, sculpture, animation, and collaborative ventures. She holds a diploma in New Media from B.C.I.T. and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University. She has exhibited work at the Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides; Centre Clark and Oboro in Montréal; and Parisian Laundry and the Satosphère of the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT).

Eva Cvijanović is an animator and filmmaker focused on the storytelling potential of environments, character and the dialogs that they create. Since graduating from Concordia University, she had produced and directed two independent film (Seasick, 2013 and Once Upon a Many Time, 2010) and was part of the NFB’s Hothouse program (The Kiss, 2011). Drawn to the immersive power of the tangible, Eva works with felted wool, watercolour and pastels while being equally fluent in digital media.

Native to Victoria, British-Colombia, Allison Moore studied interdisciplinary art and video at Concordia University where she received in 2005 a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Fine Arts. Active in the artistic community in Canada and abroad for the past ten years, she has participated in numerous exhibitions, residencies, workshops and events. Her work explores in a playful and systemic manner the fascinating universe of the dematerialization and the decontextualization of the image and the body as much on a conceptual level than on a technological one.

Aaron Pollard is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal who has been producing and presenting video art and multimedia performances since the early 1990s. His works have been shown in Canada and abroad. He studied at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Concordia University, where he completed an MFA. He is the co-founder of as well as researcher and head of OBORO’s multimedia sector.

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