Sara Moisan Théâtre de la Tortue Noire As Flesh Fades Away

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As Flesh Fades Away

Sara Moisan, Ainsi passe la chair, 2021. Photo : Patrick Simard

In partnership with Festival de Casteliers

Using old audio recordings, Sara Moisan recreates a fictional conversation with her father Gatien Moisan, a renowned painter who passed away in 2019. In this autobiographical piece, she ponders, with tenderness and humour, on her personal relationship to her father’s artwork, on what it means to create, and on an artist’s deep motivations. She revisits the painter’s familiar gestures through a combination of real-time illustration, video, puppetry, and manipulated objects. This creates a poetic environment that is both clever and heart-warming.

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As Flesh Fades Away

Sara Moisan, Ainsi passe la chair, 2021. Photo : Patrick Simard

Sara Moisan holds a degree in interdisciplinary arts and a master’s degree in theater from UQAC. An actress in the Saguenay region for the past twenty years, she has performed in productions by Théâtre CRI, Théâtre 100 Masques, Théâtre La Rubrique, Têtes Heureuses and Théâtre à Bout portant. She has also designed the costumes for various productions. Puppeteer and performer in most of La Tortue Noire’s shows, she participated in the creation of Kiwi, Les Témoins Daïdalos, Théâtres d’un labyrinthe, Memento Mori, Mémoires d’un sablier, L’Autre dans la cité and Ogre. She signed the adaptation and the direction of the show Le Petit cercle de craie, in which she is also a performer.

La Tortue Noire is a company that is known for its dedication to creating distinctly contemporary puppet theatre. Its artists cultivate the art of surprise by creating unique shows that offer a subtle combination of acting, and puppet, shape and animated object theatre. Founded in 2005, La Tortue Noire has a long history of production, research, and international touring. Their eleven original works have been performed in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Cuba, the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

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