Richard Chartier Monique Jean Nathan McNinch Curator: France Jobin Immerson 2

Date(s): Nov 17 2011, 6:00 pm
Nov 18 2011, 6:00 pm


Studio 01


Immerson 2

Event: Richard Chartier, Monique Jean & Nathan McNinchImmerson 2, 2011. Photo: Eddie Rodgers

Immerson 2 is a concert event/philosophy initiated by France Jobin which proposes to create a listening environment dedicated to an enhanced experience by focusing on the physical comfort of the audience through a specifically designed space. The premise for Immerson 2 is to seek out/explore new perceptions and experiences of the listening process by pushing the notion of “immersion” to its limits. A consuming evening of minimal sound art in which both artists and audience are drawn into the same heights and depths of the sonic/emotional spectrum. This sound art is felt as well as heard.

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Immerson 2

Event: Richard Chartier, Monique Jean & Nathan McNinchImmerson 2, 2011. Photo: Eddie Rodgers

Richard Chartier, sound and installation artist, is considered one of the key figures in the current of reductionist electronic sound art which has been termed both “microsound” and “Neo-Modernism”.

Monique Jean lives and works in Montreal. An electroacoustic and sound artist, she is interested in the tensions, ruptures and clashes of sonic matter that produce a transmutation of the real into the poetic. This search for an organic substance takes various forms: stereo or multitrack electroacoustic pieces, musique mixte with live processing, sound installation (Point d’attaches ou les infidélités rotatives) and performance with the Theresa Transistor collective.

Nathan McNinch is a consummate tinkerer who on occasion makes art and music. He has released sound works for a handful of independent record labels and produced for a variety of media.

France Jobin is an audio / installation artist, composer and curator. Her audio art, qualified as “sound sculpture”, distinguishes itself in a minimalist approach of complex sound environments at the intersection of analog and digital. She participates in festivals, as well as presents installations and events internationally. Jobin has produced numerous solo albums with renowned labels such as ROOM40 (AU), LINE (US), popmuzik records and ATAK (JP).  France Jobin was a Sonic Arts Awards 2014 finalist in the category Sonic Research.