Nicolas Dion Buteau Carsten Seiffarth Carsten Stabenow Sam Auinger Ernst Karel Listening to Public Space – Sound, City Planning and Architecture

Date(s): Sep 21 to 23, 2015


Listening to Public Space – Sound, City Planning and Architecture

© C. Stabenow, 2014

The Goethe-Institut, Hexagram and DOCK Berlin unite forces to present a series of events exploring the relationship between sound, art and urban space.

Three evenings of public events are planned, including a sound walk by artist Nicolas Dion, presentations by curators Carsten Seiffarth and Carsten Stabenow on artistic platforms in Germany promoting the research, presentation and creation of sound works and the urban environment (bonn hoeren and Tuned City), the presentation of a listening map of Bonn by sonic artist Sam Auinger, a performance by Ernst Karel of a composition integrating both human and non-human voices emanating from an urban environment, and finally a roundtable on the transformation of urban sounds in the built environment.

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Listening to Public Space – Sound, City Planning and Architecture

© C. Stabenow, 2014

Nicolas Dion Buteau. Sound artist and musician (sound installations, performances, recordings and electronic music). Involved in various collaborative projects, including a sound art duo with Anne-F Jacques (formerly known as Minibloc), an electronic music trio called Citofono (formerly Intercom), and other collective efforts, past and present. Also generates sounds all by himself under his own name (formerly Darcin).

Carsten Seiffarth From 1986-1988 he studied music at the Franz Liszt School of Music, Weimar; 1990-1993 studied musicology/sociology at the Technische Universität Berlin. From 1991 onwards, he has been working freelance as curator, producer and organiser. He has curated many solo and group sound art exhibitions and edited several books, including singuhr – hoergalerie and tesla – media art lab berlin.

Carsten Stabenow works as free-lance curator, producer, communication designer and artist on the intersection of artistic production and mediation. He studied communications and postgraduate interdisciplinary studies in Berlin and is initiator of diverse festivals and projects within the context of new media, art and science and sound art. He is the founder of the German media art festival garage, initiator and artistic director of Tuned City and co-founder of the Berlin art and media production platform DOCK.

Sam Auinger is a composer, sound artist and sonic thinker. His main topic is the sonic commons and how we perceive the world from a hearing perspective (O+A). He has been working now for more than 25 years in public space and has developed a range of procedures and tools for reading a site and bringing forward hidden information and relationships from an auditory point of view.

Ernst Karel makes experimental nonfiction sound works for multichannel installation and performance.  His recent projects are edited/composed using unprocessed location recordings; in performance he sometimes combines these with analog electronics to create pieces which move between the abstract and the documentary. Recent sound projections have included EMPAC, Troy NY; Arsenal, Berlin; and the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

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