Margaret Dragu Jim Munro Réalité au mètre carré / Square Foot Real

Date(s): Oct 29th 1992


Margaret Dragu & Jim Munro. Photo : © Renee Rodin, 1992

Réalité au mètre carré / Square Foot Real is an evening of music, sculpture, poetry and dance. It examines the role of individual expression in terms of work, play and home in the face of rampant change of our economic and ecological values. The ever increasing migratory nature of world population, as a result of hierarchical or anarchistic manipulation of territorial and ideological realestate, forces us to re-invent our sense of community, place and culture.

Margaret Dragu and Jim Munro have been working in collaboration since 1986. They presently live along the shore of the Fraser River in British Columbia.

Margaret Dragu & Jim Munro. Photo : © Renee Rodin, 1992

Margaret Dragu was born in Regina in 1953. She has enjoyed a long career as a performance artist and choreographer, presenting her work internationally in many venues. She is also a writer, filmmaker and video artist. Recently, Dragu has co-authored two non-fiction books; Revelations: Essays on Striptease and Sexuality with A.S.A. Harrison, published by Nightwood Editions; and Mothers Talk Back (Momz’ Radio) with Susan Swan and Sarah Sheard, published by Coach House Press. Her recent video, Yo Soy Eine Kleine Shopkeeper continues her fascination with adult second-language learners away from “home”.

Jim Munro is a musician/composer/artist/poet. Previously, his work has been seen in music festivals, galleries, theatres and heard on film and video soundtracks. For the past seven years his primary work has been the design, construction and performance of a work entitled The Bricoleur’s Orchestra. The Orchestra is a series of acoustic musical instruments designed to stand on their own as sculpture or to be used in performance. As well as their inherent questioning of musical history and practice, they can be seen to address ideas of community and mobility.